PeloStats is a powerful training log for Peloton workouts. It’s designed to be your daily go-to app for cycling workouts. With its beautiful design focused on visualizing your training data, privacy focus, and analytics tools PeloStats is the best app to help you reach your fitness goals.

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Workout Calendar

View your latest workouts and PRs to stay motivated.

Personal Records

Showcase and track your all-time and yearly personal records.

Detailed Metrics

See performance graphs for every workout. Compare all attempts of the same class.


View trends for this week, month, year, and last 12 months.

Workout Log

See all your workouts at a glance. Organized by week with total output.

Search & Filters

Powerful search tools to find any past workout. Filter by title, date, bookmark, instructor, and more.

Get the most out of PeloStats with PeloStats Pro!

Add classes to your stack directly from PeloStats.

Add and remove bookmarks for your favorite classes.

View all attempts of the same class to see progress over time.

Save notes for each workout to capture insights.

The #1 Companion App for Peloton

Detailed Metrics

Graphs and metrics for each workout provide clear insights into each workout. Compare your results to target metrics to stay or track. View previous attempts to see progress over time.

Powerful Search & Filtering

The workout log provides intuitive filtering and search tools to help you find any past workout. Filter by instructor, date range, bookmarked classes, personal records, and more. Workouts are organized by week to give you clear insight into your training history.

Personal Records

Showcase your all-time or yearly best efforts for every workout length. With PeloStats Pro you can compare the top efforts for each workout length.